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The Little Book of Hoopers Course Design

The Little Book of Hoopers Course Design

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THE LITTLE BOOK OF HOOPERS FOR THE CONSCIENTIOUS COURSE DESIGNER is packed full of insightful methodology in the dark art of course design. Helping you to understand the science behind creating your own spectacular courses, teamed with real life hints and tips from the author, well known UK trainer & judge, Sarah Hamblin. This little book will become your course design companion and take your course building skills to the next level, whether you're a judge, a trainer or want to build safe, fun and challenging courses at home, let your imagination run wild!

Written by Mayday Training - Sarah Hamblin, this fully bound A5 paperback guides you through much of the science behind building safe and fun courses whilst creating a deep understanding of setting challenges and using the subtleties of course design to maximum effect.

Aimed at trainers, judges and anyone who sets hoopers courses or wants to develop their skills, this book, like much of my work, is designed to provoke thought into the details and to create the inspiration for you to design brilliant courses and to progress them.

Littered with hints and tips for design, judging, training, adapting courses and more, at less than the cost of a workshop, this gem of a book might just become the secret weapon to your confident course building.

Grab your copy today and satisfy your #hookedonhoopers addiction!

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