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Hoopers Title Award

Hoopers Title Award

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 Compete - Record - Award

Hoopers Title Awards are issued by UK Hoopers to recognise and celebrate your continued competition success. 


Simply compete with your dog at any show held under rules and record your clear rounds & placings to accumulate points.

Top Tip - Record your results in our Record of Achievement Book after each event, or If you compete in the UK Hoopers National Online Leagues your points will be tallied every time you enter competition results. 


You! Me! Them! Everybody! Whichever rule book you compete under we want to celebrate your success with you! 

Where can I compete?

Anywhere! You can compete at any UK based show, held under any established UK rulebook (eg. UK Hoopers, Hooperholics, Canine Hoopers UK, Kelluki etc). The only requirement is that the class was open for entry to all (ie not a private event, invitational, finals etc) and was a standard class (not a special class such as pairs etc). 

How do I record my points?

You can choose to record your results any way you like, however we will need to know the Show name and date plus the class and your result. We recommend either using a UK Hoopers Record of Achievement Book or keeping an up to date spreadsheet. If you have entered the UK Hoopers National Online Leagues, see below for more info

I’ve entered the National Online Leagues too – what does this mean for my Hoopers Title Awards?

Great news! If you’re entered in the UK Hoopers National Online Leagues you only need to add your results into the leagues! We will use your points tally towards your Hoopers Title Awards, just keep an eye on your points total as you go along and let us know when you have hit the target and we’ll do the rest! If you haven't signed up yet, don’t worry, you can do this at any time before the leagues close and enter all of your results for that year.

Which results count?

You earn points for any placings in any standard progression class (not specials or invite only classes) where an award was presented. This includes placings with faults (but not eliminations). Also any clear round which was unplaced or outside of the placings. Eg. If you came 10th in a class with a clear round but the placings only went to 6th, you will still get points for you clear round. Or, if you had faults in a class but you were still placed and received an award then this counts too.

When can I claim my dog’s award?

You can claim your award at any time once they have reached the required number of points. Any results since 1st April 2019 are eligible for inclusion (subject to guidelines). Your points tally does not reset, it remains intact and instantly counts towards the next award level.

What do you get?

Each Hoopers Title Award comes with a beautiful A5 certificate to mark your achievement. This will be posted to you and you can choose to contribute towards P&P. You can upgrade your award and add a stunning 6″ rosette to compliment your certificate too. The cost for the deluxe award is just £10 including your dog’s certificate, rosette and P&P. 
*Double Diamond and Double Platinum awards are considerably larger

You will also be able to add the to add the acclaimed title to your dogs name on Hoopers.Online which will show on all future results.


How do we earn points?

You earn points for each successful competition round. A placed run is any result from which you received a usual award E.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and received a rosette, trophy, award card or similar. You may claim points for any placed run, including those with faults but excluding eliminations (or the equivalent of). If you did not receive an award but ran a clear round, this is classed as an unplaced clear round and you will receive points for these too. 

How do points make prizes?

Your points accumulate until you reach the required level for each Hoopers Title Award you can apply for your certificate. There are 6 levels of award to attain and the points requirements are as follows:

New DOUBLE AWARDS - The ultimate achievement award available to dogs who have attained a massive 4500 points for Double Platinum and 6000 points for Double Diamond

How do I verify my results?

You must keep a record of your points as we may periodically ask to see these, although you do not need to provide them when you apply for your award, we do occasionally double check results, but on the whole we trust that people will only claim what their dog is entitled to as any fraudulent award claims would only be cheating on your own dog.

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