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2024 UK Hoopers Finalist Hoodie

2024 UK Hoopers Finalist Hoodie

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Celebrate being amongst the dogs and handlers successfully qualifying for the UK Hoopers Finals 2024
Each item features the names of qualified partnerships (printed in white), for a full list of names see below.

For sizing chart see pictures. Fits true to size

Please see photos for size guide of this unisex hoodie. As an approximate guide, UK ladies sizes are roughly as follows but please check your measurements before ordering. This item is custom printed to order and is not exchangeable for a different size/colour. 

Unisex style, ladies sizing equivalent:
S=8-10 M=12-14, L=16-18, XL=18-20, XXL=20-22.

  • Soft cotton faced fabric
  • Brushed back fleece
  • Drop shoulder style
  • Double fabric hood with contrast inner
  • Contrast flat lace drawcord
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Ribbed cuffs and hem
  • Twin needle stitching
  • Tear out label

Material: 80% ringspun cotton, 20% polyester

Weight: 280 g/m2

Abbie Rose Rubery
Addi Liz Munnings
Albus Dumbledog Sarah Clark
Alfie & Oscar
Alfie Gillian trickett
Alfie Janet Ardern
Amy Geoff Wright
Archie Janey Clay
Arlo Rachael Whiting
Ash Margaret Brain
Astle Beverley Massey
Ava Karen Pavey
Azbow Leanne Vallis
Bacchus Angela Moslin
Bea Anita Owen
Bea Gillian Blanchard
Bear Claire Thorpe
Bear Hta (d) Katrina Wheatley
Bear Katrina Wheatley
Becks Hta(p) Pat Kidd
Becks Pat Kidd
Bee Jo Sawford
Bella Julie Whiting
Bella Lisa Marley
Belle Geoff Wright
Bex Sandra Houghton
Big Bertha Vicky Paynter
Biscuit Sue Darley
Bizley Debbie White
Bleu Jenna Williams
Bluebell & Rudi
Bluebell Cathy Bates
Bo Diddley Joh bryant
Bob Aileen Watson
Bob Ros Kinloch
Boujee Jo Sawford
Bracken Caroline Howells
Bramble Clare Binns
Brecon Sue Darley
Bumble Sharon Hewison
Casha Ang Ducy
Ceara Sue Roberts
Charm Nicky Wann
Chilli Wendy Clay
Comet Tara Masson
Comic Kelly steel
Cracker & Saffy
Cracker Hta (dd) Susan Warnes
Cracker Susan Warnes
Cracker  Susan Warnes
Dae & Tarian
Dae Andie Williams
Daisy Sue Cox
Dee Margaret Brain
Dilly Julie Docking
Dobby Nicola Dear
Domino Sue Fitton
Drucie Sharron Peck
Duke Stephen Golding
Echo Jane Missin
Ella Emily Rice
Enzo Jennie Foster
Evie & Boujee
Evie Amy Ogden
Evie Mandy Welton
Falkor Savannah Weideman
Fijit Becci Bowman
Fijit Hta(s) Becci Bowman
Findlay Sue Murray
Finn Jane Seller
Fly Rob Harper
Flynn Jess Thomas
Flyte & Rio
Flyte Maria Jenkinson
Freddie Pam Evans
Fudgery Doo Gillian Bonser
Gaby Carol Hobday
Gambler & Bee
Gambler Sarah Fenby
Gene Faye Booth
Ginny Ciara Rose
Glas Jenna Williams
Grace Rose Rubery
Graffiti Bridget Mayes
Gyp Catherine Manfield
Gyp Juliette Smith
Harley & Misty
Harper Heather Butler
Harry Kath Jones
Hatty Nicky Vaughan
Havoc Sarah kelly
Heidi Susan Dring
Henry Issy Eley
Hetti Teri Wightman
Holly Sue Makepeace
Holly-mae Emily Rice
Holly-mae Hta(g) Emily Rice
Honey Claire Thorpe
Hugh Owen Edwards
Ickle Pickle Jeni Aston
Impact Emma Morton
Jacko Colette Attewell
Jamie Jane Seller
Jamieshaw Janet Measham
Jasmine Neil Walters
Jazz Gail Gilbert
Jelly Tot Vanessa Hardin
Jessi Trica Elms
Jimi Stuart Doughty
Joker Kelly steel
Jynks & Storm
Jynti & Jessie
Jynti Peter Elma
Jynti Peter Elms
Kiara Kirsty Dodd
Kizz Sue Parry
Kizzy Michelle Allen
Laddie Ladster Nerys Hughes
Lady Lylah Roberta Leeds
Leo Rachael Whiting
Lexi Katie Dable
Lexi Sara Davies
Lexi  Sara Davies
Lexie Paul Young
Lily Alison Keyworth
Lily Sarah-Jane Hooper
Little Nell Pam Evans
Lola Alison Deakin
Lucas Chrissie Parry
Luna Faye brooks
Luna Kayleigh Shield
Luna Virginia Harry
Lunar Rose Rubery
Lupa Heather Weideman
Mabel Jean evans
Macy Beverley Smith
Magic Lynda Stangle
Maisie Sarah Henson
Marigold Ingrid Robinson
Marley Lewis Thompson
Martha Lesley Dean
Max Val Hollingdale
Meg Lauren Jobson
Merit & Misha
Merit Emma Morton
Merlie Ang Ducy
Merlin Shauna Booth
Mia Jen Coakley
Millie Lee Mason
Minker Moo Jeni Aston
Misty Alison Cobley
Misty Charlotte Sinclair
Mollie Gillian trickett
Molly & Wispa
Moo Sally Friswell
Muffin Beverley Smith
Murray Sue Cox
Nancy Sandra Edwards
Nell Sam Davies
Nellie Dawn Calver
Neo Mike Aubury
Obi Denise Savage
Olive Hta(b) Karen Pavey
Ollie Ann Young
Oscar Rachel Cordon
Pace Heather Richards
Paco & Storm
Paco Julie Russon
Paddy Sonia Turner
Parker Tracey Chapman
Pearl Virginia Harry
Penny Yvette Chew
Piper Emily Rice
Piper HTA(I) Emily Rice
Pixel Sue launders
Polly Julie Docking
Poppy Jen Coakley
Puppy Ciara Rose
Rio Issy Eley
Roxie Elaine Pell
Roxy Hayley Rubery
Rudi Aileen Watson
Rudi Rachel Cordon
Rula Shirley Frankcom
Russia Dawn Walton
Sadie Debbie Wright
Saffi Karen Hallam
Saffy Mandy Welton
Sammy Claire Thorpe
Samson Jan Layne
Scampi & Puppy
Scampi Fifo Martin
Secret & Fly
Secret Jean Carter
Sequel Kelly steel
Seren Nicola Leeks
Seven Sarah Fenby
Shimmer Audrey Johnson
Simba Sue Roberts
Sirius Claire Martin
Skinnt Stuart Doughty
Sky Alison Slaughter
Snoopy Ciara Rose
Sophie Ros Kinloch
Sorrel Hazel Kemble
Stanley Annette Page
Star Emma Guest
Storm Alison Cobley
Storm Hta(d) Julia Elson
Switch & Paddy
Switch Hta(g) Sue Roberts
Switch Sue Roberts
Tadpole Issy Eley
Taffy Sonia Turner
Tarian & Fly
Tarian Andie Williams
Tetley & Bear
Tetley Doreen Sizeland
Tetley Hta (d) Doreen Sizeland
Thunder Alison Baker
Tiffin Hta (d) Doreen Sizeland
Tiffin Hta (p) Doreen Sizeland
Tink Ali Cooke
Tinks & Seven
Tinks Jo Sawford
Tizz Sue Parry
Todd Carol Hobday
Twinkle Cathy Bates
Twix Amy Joyce
Twiz Sally Friswell
Tyke Hta(b) Denise Smith-Howell
Vesper Pete Chandler
Wally Claire Thorpe
Whispa & Puppy
Whispa Heather Preston
Whisper Jean Carter
Willow Jade Cotton
Wispa Margaret Brain
Zenii Gail Gilbert
Zeus Juliette Smith
Ziva Stephen Holyoak
Zuri Vicky Dewar-Fowler
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