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3x Hoopers Training Books

3x Hoopers Training Books

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Get your hands on all 3 hoopers training publications written by Mayday Training - Sarah Hamblin

Sarah Hamblin (Fenby) is a well known trainer, handler and competitor, competing at the highest levels in the UK and also is the founder of UK Hoopers. In these three publications she explores different elements of the sport and training. 


The A-Z of Canine Hoopers features a range of alphabet shaped courses and sequences and a heap of training exercises to get your teeth into. Suitable for those at pre-competition stage, right through to partnerships competing in the early grades of competition. There is plenty to try for all abilities and experience levels and includes everything from small garden sequences to full competition courses.


Hoopers at home is a collection of sequences, patterns & exercises designed to develop and aid your out of class training.

Created with small spaces and limited equipment in mind, Hoopers at Home offers a multitude of scalable set ups that don't require a spacious training venue to enjoy.
Focused on developing core skills, even the smallest sequences have full course impact and will help you to improve the skillset and confidence of both you and your dog.


THE LITTLE BOOK OF HOOPERS FOR THE CONSCIENTIOUS COURSE DESIGNER is packed full of insightful methodology in the dark art of course design. Helping you to understand the science behind creating your own spectacular courses, teamed with real life hints and tips from the author, well known UK trainer & judge, Sarah Hamblin. This little book will become your course design companion and take your course building skills to the next level, whether you're a judge, a trainer or want to build safe, fun and challenging courses at home, let your imagination run wild!


For full descriptions of all three A5 books please see the individual listing pages. 

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