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Dog Training Journal

Dog Training Journal

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I'D RATHER HAVE CAKE is the perfect dog training journal for people with priorities! Based around planning your week and including some strategic dog training elements as well as personal goals, achievements and a little bit of (non cake based) motivation along the way. A helping hand to staying (or becoming!) organised, keeping on top of all the extra jobs as well as making time for and reflecting on your training journey along the way too,

A very manageable A5 spiral bound format means that it's handy to carry with you if you like, but not so small you can't fit all the important stuff in! The diary pages are week to 2 page with plenty of space for daily tasks and appointments as well as extra notes and all important fortnightly training planner including space to draw out sequences, courses or exercises to come back to time and time again. 

So whatever your discipline, hoopers, agility, flyball, canicross, rally, obedience or any other form of dog training activities, get yourself this gem of a journal and walk into 2021 like a winner!

See what our reviewers had to say...

"OMG! I love this!! It's like a proper journal for grown ups but without the boring bits!" 

"Ahhhh........this is just what I needed, some encouragement to think about what I'm doing without the judgy-ness of some of those 'self growth types' I know my life is a mess, I just need a diary to rub along with me and try to keep me on the straight and narrow....this is perfect, THANK YOU!"

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